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Title: SuperBoundary is now available for BricsCAD
Post by: Debalance on January 07, 2018, 10:13:46 PM

Recently, the BricsCAD platform is becoming more and more popular for a developers in world wide. Thanks to the high compatibility of the BricsCAD API with AutoCAD, porting even complex applications is not such a difficult task.
We are also not lagging behind this trend. We bring to your attention the popular SuperBoundary application now on the BricsCAD platform. The SuperBoundary application, being a powerful alternative of the standard BOUNDARY (BPOLY) command, will allows you to easily build closed boundaries (contours) on drawings of varying complexity. This video shows a step-by-step instruction for using SuperBoundary on the latest version of BricsCAD Platinum V18.